Review: Tokyo Fist

Shin’ya Tsukamoto is one of my favourite Directors. From the insane, frenetic TETSUO through to the dark (and superb) KOTOKO I love pretty much everything I have seen of his. This release from Third Window Films gave me an opportunity to watch TOKYO FIST for the first time, and a real treat it is. A…


Trailer: Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers return, and frankly, I’m excited. INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is the story of a folk singer in Greenwich Village, New York in the early 60’s, and his cat. I’m sure I’ll post more about this over the coming months, so here’s the trailer to begin with. Inside Llewyn Davis Facebook.

Tom Hanks

Review: Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks…Somali Pirates…Based on a True Story. Does this sound like the perfect combination for a thriller? It certainly gave me palpitations. In this fantastically tense drama Tom Hanks plays Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama container ship – which was hijacked in 2009 whilst sailing off the coast of Somalia. The vessel was boarded by a small band…

red river image

Review: Red River

Once upon a time, many moons ago, Westerns ruled cinema. Despite various recent attempts, it does not look like they will be back; modern audiences have moved on. RED RIVER shows us just what a shame this is, as we are losing a great setting for fantastic drama and character work.


Review: Macbeth (Little Angel Theatre)

I have recently begin to appreciate Shakespeare, and am in the fortunate position of seeing most of his plays for the first time at the moment. Macbeth, however, is the one that I do know. I studied it at school, and earlier this year saw the cinema broadcast of Kenneth Branagh’s version (1). With this…


Review: Sake-Bomb

A road trip ‘buddy’ film, in which Naoto arrives in Los Angeles from Japan in search of lost love, and his cousin Sebastian is unwillingly put in the position of helping him on this mission, and introducing him to America. As with all road trip films, the entertainment and friction is caused by the clash…


Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

SPOILER ALERT: This article is spoilt by a rather silly attitude and bad jokes One of the major failings of modern British TV sketch comedies has been the over-reliance on reoccurring characters, and the simple repeated catchphrase to raise to laughs. It under estimates the viewer’s intelligence and stifles the writer’s ability to (or demonstrates…


Review: Europa

The third of my pieces on Lars von Trier’s films brings his ‘Europe Trilogy’ to an end with EUROPA. First we had THE ELEMENT OF CRIME, in which our protagonist Fisher is going back through his memories of hunting a criminal through a broken Europe. Then we had EPIDEMIC, which ended with an actress being…



First, an apology that it’s taking me so long to write blog posts generally, and to get through the Lars von Trier collection in particular. As always, work is keeping me busy, but also it seems that I’ll need to watch each von Trier film at least twice. So… EPIDEMIC. This is his second feature,…