Review: Sake-Bomb

A road trip ‘buddy’ film, in which Naoto arrives in Los Angeles from Japan in search of lost love, and his cousin Sebastian is unwillingly put in the position of helping him on this mission, and introducing him to America. As with all road trip films, the entertainment and friction is caused by the clash…

I Am Breathing

Review: I Am Breathing

Aptly titled, I Am Breathing is laced with a soundtrack of Liam’s ventilator. It makes for uncomfortable listening at first, but soon fades into the background as we the audience and those close to him both become accustomed. As Liam says, “It’s amazing how adaptable we are when we have to be. It’s what separates…


Review: Come As You Are (Hasta La Vista)

A comedy in which three guys head out on a road trip across Europe to learn about themselves, escape their parents and – most importantly – lose their virginity. Sure, not a particularly original concept. The difference with this Belgian take is that the main characters all have varying levels of disability; Lars (Gilles de…

For Love's Sake film image

Review: For Love’s Sake

“If I knew you were rich I’d have punched you” You never quite know what you’re going to get with a Takashi Miike film. I knew that this had elements of a musical, which put me in mind of his earlier film THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS (note1). Miike plays with genre conventions almost as…


Review: The Look of Love

THE LOOK OF LOVE… sexy? Sleazy? Funny? Serious? This film tries to be everything and does none of it well. Based on the life of entrepreneur Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan) a man who rose to success from humble Liverpudlian roots to become the richest man on Soho’s streets by discovering just how much sex really…


Review: I’m So Excited

I’m So Excited is the new film from Pedro Almodovar, who most recently brought us The Skin I Live In, which was a very dark, stylish thriller. His new film is very much the opposite; awash with bright colours, latin temperaments and full of comedy, music and sex. A plane is en-route and in the…


Review: Iron Man 3

I have enjoyed both Iron Man films, even though the second had its problems. Indeed, I’ve enjoyed all of the Marvel films so far, and Avengers (or Avengers Assemble for us in the UK) was one of the best films of 2012, and really can’t be topped as a summer blockbuster. Iron Man 3 had…


Review: For Ellen

Paul Dano plays Joby. With black-painted, chipped nails and a whisky beard on his chin, Joby is a rock star who is telling the world, and himself, that he is about to make it. Each day he wears the same leather jacket, the same fingerless gloves and the same jewellery. He will check that his…


Review: No

No is Pablo Larraín’s final film in a trilogy that has thus far explored the origins of General Augusto Pinochet’s Chilean dictatorship through to its most violent moments. No completes the story by addressing the deposition of Pinochet in this brilliantly conceived film inspired by actual events. Gael García Bernal performs with quiet intensity the…


Review: Crocodile & Arirang

Korean auteur, Kim Ki Duk has been dividing and delighting audiences for sixteen years. This new double disc set from Terracotta Distribution brings together Kim’s directorial debut; 1996’s Crocodile, and his self-reflective docu-drama, Arirang, released earlier this year. With Kim having just won the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival for his latest feature, Pieta,…