Event: London Mexfest (17-19 Aug)

“a three day fiesta of live music, contemporary, award winning films including features, documentaries, sci- fi classics, shorts and animations, alongside exhibitions, food – and wrestling!”

Blimey! You can imagine what caught my eye – ‘sci-fi classics’. So let us take a little peek and see what we can see.

Also, I checked and you can take beer into the screen with you. It may be needed. The festival is taking place at Richmix. There is much more to the festival than just the films listed below… I’ll try to post more over the coming week.

Mexfest London - Santo vs. the Martian Invasion Santo vs. the Martian Invasion
Santo was a real wrestler, who had a film career that would make Hulk Hogan blush – 60 films! The majority of them sound like silly fun, but this is perhaps the best known so hopefully also the most fun. The wrestler thwarts a Martian invasion of Earth. By wrestling them.
If only Curiosity rover had a wrestling mask…
Here’s the booking info and, because you need to see it, the trailer.

Amazing, no?

The Aztec Mummy vs the Human Robot

Okay, so let us say you’re a mad scientist. And there’s some amazing Aztec treasure that you want to get your hands on but the snag is that it is guarded by a Mummy. What do you do? You build a robot, of course!
This will be a film that requires some imagination to watch. It could be saying a great deal about Mexico’s clash of ancient and modern cultures, or it could be simple B-movie fun. Either way, entertainment is sure to be found.
Booking info

Mexfest London - The Ship of MonstersThe Ship of Monsters

So…. Venus is populated entirely by beautiful women and, apparently, they need men. There are also monsters involved, somehow. Look, just watch the random clip I found – and understand why this is a must-see film!
Booking info.

London Mexfest Planet of the female invadersThe Planet of the Female Invaders
Darn those sexy interstellar space vixens – they will keep invading! Another great B-movie romp with dodgy effects and science that will melt your brain.
Booking info.

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