Review: The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best

Alex is a musician. His girlfriend has just dumped him, he been kicked out of his band, lost his job… and so on. Things aren’t going well for him, basically. He ends up going on a road trip with Jim (Michael Weston), who he doesn’t know, to play a series of dates. They practice together for the first time in the car as they drive.

So, we have a road-trip buddy lost 30-something type film. We’ve seen it all before, right?

Well, The Brooklyn Brothers has chosen to play with some well worn genres. Thankfully, though, there is some extra sparkle here which makes the film worth your attention.

The core relationships between Alex, Jim and eventually Cassidy is an interesting one. They don’t all get on all of the time, and the grouchy moments are ‘stupid’ enough to be realistic AND entertaining, while giving depth to the connection between them all. Cassidy’s character is a little underdeveloped for my taste and seems to make wild decisions that progress the plot without much reasoning behind them.

The music is great, and underpins the films emotional themes, but without ever pushing the characters out of the picture.

Michael Weston really shines as Jim, the oddball sidekick who is full of heart. Ryan O’Nan plays Alex, and also writes and Directs the film – and in a very accomplished way.

The Brooklyn Brothers is fun, and brings something new to our screens. There are still a lot of standard ingredients, and I hope that now he has these out of his system, O’Nan can move on to make something with more of his own personality running through it, because it it this that makes the film stand out from the crowd.

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